There is no Good or Bad only Cause and Effect

Everything that exists, everything you see, hear and feel is a result of cause and effect. Is it good or bad, is just a matter of perspective. The Universe has laws. Good and bad are man-made concepts. A lion will eat a new born antilop without any regret, its a law of survival. A priest and a criminal fall off a building, they both will die regardless of who they were, its the law of gravity. What happens, happens in that moment as per its cause and will end up giving a effect, which in return will become a cause for another effect. This is the way nature flows through space and time. Nothing is good or bad, above or below, everything is just a game of cause and effect, a constant web of reverberations.

    Now you when I say that, I am obviously aware about the evil that goes on in the human society, which cannot be and should not be ignored by anyone. But before you tag it as good or bad or filthy, think about it, go to a deeper level of examination if you can, you will find a long chain of cause and effect. For a functional civilization, law is needed and ofcourse a code of conduct on which society can rest, we may debate about it for years, the point to understand is that every one of us is contributing to that chain of cause and effect, what one individual does,effects the entire society and ofcourse what the society does,influences and effects an individual.

What we as individuals can do is, understand the chain of cause and effect, and learn to ride it. This is something that comes naturally when you start to observe things, not just see but observe, with patience and a craving to learn ofcourse. You can actually start riding this movement of cause and effect if you make a little effort. 

  Join us and learn to observe, observe the self, observe the reality through this reverberation, observe the life and learn to ride.

This particular topic can not be ceased into a single post, cause, effect, the divided of good and bad are to deep to be up in such a simple post. We would really appreciate if you could contact us through DM or contact us on our website for a more detailed discussion and information.