There is a saying in yoga, "The one is only ill, because the one is not still"

What does this exactly mean?

What is stillness?

Is anything ever still in this ever changing cosmos?

Why is it important to know the dimension of stillness?

And most importantly, how can one access this dimension of existence?


As we all very well know and understand that the entire cosmos is moving, changing, expanding, creating and dismantling.

Is there something which is actually still, unchanging, unmoving, without end and beginning? Next time you see a night sky, just observe what you notice first, the stars ofcourse, but rarely does someone pay attention on the vast emptiness. What seems non-physical and  empty is almost 99% of the universe, all that is physical is not even a speck of what compared to what we see as an empty space.

Our sense organs are evolved in such a way that it can only perceive what is physical in nature, but we has humans have potential to transcend the physical and touch this dimension of "nothingness". It is also available for everyone, all the time at all places, its never changing, it has no beginning or an end. Cultures and religions around the world have believes and myths around it.

Think about it very carefully, even an atom, is 99% empty space(nothingness), which means it is not physical in nature but is still present. It  allows you to truly get still. Your body, your mind and your energy can experience this dimension within yourself.

When you consciousnesly access this dimension within yourself, you will be able to notice amazing changes in your system. Your healing capacity increases, your focus and patience increases, your sleep quota decreases, your compulsiveness decreases. You become more conscious about the yourself and the physical movement around you. Your ability to learn and understand new things changes. By simple practice of stillness everyday, you become more aware, alive and really for the vigor of movement. There is a tremendous energy in stillness, and to access it, to really get still all you need is a little practice.

   There are many many ways to access this dimension, if you want to understand and learn more about this dimension contact us on our website or DM us, also you can start our practices of beginner to advance practices,  detailed discussion and Q&A’s so that you can take the best benefits from your practices.