Move! Because you can. As we talked about the dimension of the stillness in our last post, today I would like to talk about movement. Movement is the result of manifested matter. From an atom to the celestial galaxies, everything is in constant motion. That being nature of the physical, I want to talk about human movement. How we move, how we are built to move, how our movement made us more empowering and why is it important for our body to move, move on the rhythm of the universe. Movement is not about health, its not about clinging to an idea of health, or fitness. Your body decays anyway, its not about preserving it, movement is all about using your body to its fullest, its about pushing your limits and mindset about your way of looking at physical reality. Movement is about accuracy, sense of distance. Its about SELF mastery, SELF control. It is about exploring every possible movement possible by human mechanism. You ask anyone in the field of fitness what do they do and they might say I play sports, or I climb, or yoga, or weight training but essentially what the are doing is moving. Movement is in the core of every physical action known to mankind, try to remember how you learn to walk as a child, see a child trying to explain different are of a room to move around in. As children movement came very naturally to, it is build in our genetic memory, that is what your body is designed to do. Again, movement is not about looking good or muscular, it is about actually feeling good in this body that we have for a brief amount of time. It is about training our body in such a way that it can function as the best machanism known to mankind. Consider gaining deeper knowledge about body and not keep it limited in one kind of training, for an overall development of your full potential try new ways, mix things up, take up dancing or parkour, get more into mobility training, see your body as one unit and not as car which needs to treated in different parts. Move, move more, move faster, move better, move controlled, move more alert. Move till you get so much in sync with your body that movement becomes a form of meditation.