Belief and Seeking

Belief, one of the most powerful forces that humans possess. It gives you tremendous confidence and can do many amazing things when planted correctly. But it takes away your clarity, it takes away your capacity to perceive. If not used and understood, it paralysis you and traps you inside your own persona of belief.

 So let us try to understand what is belief and why do we need to believe something that is not a living reality for us. It all comes from this hunger of knowledge that we have, the need to know and understand the things we go through. Belief is involved in the equation only when you don't know something completely. Believe is when you don't want to accept that "You don't know" and what to satisfy yourself with "I believe".

It is said that you can't convince a believer of anything, for their beliefs are not based on evidence; instead they are based on a deep need to believe. Belief can do so many things. It can convince people to do great things and worst things. The problem is that beliefs are used as a tool by terrorists, politician and organizations to influence and use the mass mentality for their benefits.

 With all the glory that belief holds, it is just phycological evolution that humans possess. Yes it is powerful but it is stupid if you are used by your own beliefs and are not using it for your well-being instead.

If you really want to be master of your faculties , if you really want to quench your thirst for knowledge, if you really want to be liberated, root yourself in seeking and not believing. What you know, and what you don't know you seek, this is how you should approach life. When you don't know something, you can learn something new, you can't learn something new if you already believe something. Be a seeker not a believer, seek your own truth, now that does not mean you throw away all the knowledge and learning from the past. It simply means you are not ready to believe anything unless it becomes a living reality for you, that's all.

A strong belief may help you move a mountain but being a real seeker may make you realise mountains don't need to be moved.