Being Receptive

Almost everything we learn, we do it on an intellectual level. That is we gather data, information and stimulations through our 5 sense organs. And according to our intellectual developments,our mind projects a reality out of that data.

Take a moment to think about it, everything that we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is felt differently, understood differently and acted upon differently by different people as per their perspective, therefore it is a fact that we create our own reality as per the perceiving medium and intellectual understanding. And intellect only works on the level of comparison. Something is warm, something is cold, something is useful, so on and so forth. Intellect can only function in dissection and not inclusion, letting one from the other is the nature of intellect.

So lets understand something very clearly, we never see anything as it is, we see things as we are, and that is the root of an individual being. One as an individual is completely unique and has his/her own reality, which is nothing more than a fragmented illusion of the whole.

So when this is the way of nature, how can one become one with the existence, how can one become inclusive, how can one see and understand and persive everything just the way it is, is there a way of transcending the cycle of intellect, is there a way of learning the ultimate for a human being.?

It is said that when the student is ready, the master will appears. Similarly when one is really ready, RECEPTIVE, when the fire of ignorance becomes insufferable within ones self, he/she will get into the pursuit of deeper dimensions of existence. Not everyone is smart enough to choose the correct path of expanding ones perspective and for a large amount of people it never ever occurs to look into this dimension of existence but they also need something more than what they are right now. It is in our nature to expand, no matter what, we always need more and more and in doing so large number of people take chemical help, intoxication, pleasure and greed as a medium to expand.

We want you to expand, expand your receptivity, expand your understanding and expand your energy to the level where there is an complete and utter feeling of satisfaction and bliss.

Join us in our journey and learn to become, inclusive, RECEPTIVE. Receptive enough to experience life in its entire beauty.