Silence and its Power

Which strength is being talked about here? Physical strength? Ofcourse not, because there are a number of animals on this planet far more strong than us physically yet its a childs play for humans to manipulate and enslave them. What is the human beings greatest strength? Its not physical but a layer deeper within ourselves, our MIND.

Our mind, our thoughts and not just our mind and thoughts. What is a thought? Just another fiction of brain, which every creature has. But yet we are definitely not equals when it comes to strength. Which means only mind is not enough, only thought is not enough and only brain is not enough. Real strength comes from right UNDERSTANDING. Interestingly, understanding is also one of the key to success in any area of life. Understanding is strength. If we were to sum up the entire field of science in one word, it would be UNDERSTANDING. Understanding  the laws of nature, understanding of the universe. And science is power, science is strength.

So the question is, how to UNDERSTAND. Because anything that we understand in any area is our strength, as a student if you can understand what is being taught, it is a strength. In business if you can understand the market and your clients needs, it is a strength. Even in relationship, if you want a strong, deeper and meaningful relationship, you need to understand the other. So what is UNDERSTANDING, what is required for understanding, how do we understand, what is the ground base for it?

The answer is..SILENCE.

There are two types of silence.

1. Silence from the outside. Which means hear more, speak less, speak when needed, speak as much as needed, if not not needed be silent. Only in hearing you can know something new and only then can you learn, gather, accumulate, understand. So the first silence is, control over the tongue. That is silence.

2. Second and perhaps the most important, silence is within. Have you ever observed what you keep speaking by yourself all day long? That speaking is only known as thinking.

If you learn to be silent, both from within and outside, it is a great power in itself. Because now you are ready to understand, because for understanding you need to see, hear and feel be silent.

Human beings greatest strength is understanding, based upon facts, based upon reality. You can even call it scientific thinking and that is power, our real strength. Unscientific thinking is not power, infact it is the root cause of every problem we face today as civilization.

Understanding is the root cause of everything that is prosperous, its the root cause of invention, engineering and civilisations. And lack of understanding is the root cause every failure, in any area of life, if you fail at something it does not mean that the task or the work or the relationship was impossible. It simply means you lack the understanding of the subject matter, it simply means you need to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Understanding is the starting point for any successful action, first a subject is studied and understood, then it is planned on that understanding and then it is executed.

And if you really need to UNDERSTAND something, you need SILENCE.


Join us in our practice to become more and more silent and get to the depth of understanding the existence.