Discipline and Flow

Discipline and flow.

Both in many ways are contradictory to one another yet both of them extremely important for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

As we talked about the way of living in society in one of our previous posts, we would like to explain  this point from a similar point of view. So there are two ways of living this life. As a social being or as a hermit. If you wish to live life and outlaw, a hermit or a monk, no one is stopping you but yourself. You can just wake up one day and give up on everything, go in live in the mountains or a forest and live your life on your terms, free and satisfied. A very very organic and great way of exiting, completely in the flow of life. But if you want to live in this society, civilization, and use its comfort, sleep on a bed, use the fancy technology, you have to be the part of that system. Living in civilization and trying to be an outlaw is a crime against entire civilization. If you don't wish to give up on society, if you want to live life on your terms in this civilization, if you want to make something out of this life that you have, if you want to be in a state of flow within the social framework, you need discipline.

For people who always talk about freedom and "its my choice" can never touch the depth of the life that they have because they choose to live as per their accumulated psychological drama. For them, there is no discipline nor any flow of life as they will live their entire life based on the entanglements of their thoughts, a worst way of wasting the precious life that you have.

But for some of us, life is a much greater phenomena than just thoughts. If you have a desire of making an impact in the world, if you have a goal, if you have a goal which is larger than life itself, if you have a longing to invest your entire life to a mission which will transform the course of civilization itself, you need enormous amount of discipline. Your goal, if selected on the basis of reality and the need of the time, is derived out of your reason of living. Your goal becomes a burning desire within yourself, it will  concert itself in disciplines and a way of living towards that goal.

Don't misunderstand, we are not telling you to be a blind goal oriented person because that will be stupid. What we are trying to say is that goal is a tool and not life itself. Tools are really important. Without tools we are just as helpless and weak in nature as any other animal. Tools are the reason of our civilisations. So goal is a simple tool. Powerful but just a tool. Your goal will give you discipline and a way of living, goal gives you consistency and discipline gives you control over your own faculties. It gives you control over your body, your mind and your energy.

This control will allow you to be in a state of flow, every moment. And that state of flow, being in the moment is where life is. 

So in flow is life, one must ask why discipline is needed? Well is very simple, discipline is needed to free you from your own compulsive nature, which separates us from all the other animals. Without discipline we are nothing but animals in flow that eat when hungry, sleep when tired and die when the time comes. But we humans have something special, we have an ability to transcend from our basic compulsion. We have the ability to remember an image like no other creature. We have the ability to learn, understand and get into a disciplined way towards our ultimate nature, we have the power of DISCIPLINE, the tool of discipline that can tune us to live in the state of flow every moment, not compulsive, physical and psychological flow but the flow of total control, of total being, of existing as human beings are supposed to be,  as we are designed to be.

But there is a distance between reality and possibility, do we have the DISCIPLINE to walk that distance with utmost grace of FLOW.


Join us in our journey and learn the principals of being in the FLOW through the tool of DISCIPLINE.