Relationship, what is a relationship and more importantly what is healthy relationship?

Relationships are undoubtedly the most important part of our life, no matter what age, cast, colour and shape you are, as a human being relationship is very important. The reason being simply that we are social beings, we do need solitude and personal space but when in a relationship you want to feel up all of you with all of significant other. It is said  that, "if you have to make someone a part of you, you must be willing to rip out a part of yourself" and this is just so beautiful. Think about it, when in love with someone or in a relationship, you expand your boundary consciously or unconsciously. We say I fell for someone and that is again very beautiful because you have trusted someone enough to let go of yourself, or your make believe ego and are ready to take a leep of faith, no matter maybe just for one person but you still are ready to obliterate the boundaries you have set for yourself. And that is why love is considered as the most supreme and most prestigious feeling of all, simply because it takes you towards your ultimate nature.

So love is life and love is supreme and so on and so forth; but what is a healthy relationship?

Are all relationships are based on love?

Ofcourse not, and hence this post is to make a difference in understanding between need and bliss. Between attachment and love, between entanglement and a conscious embrace. Most people can't differ between two and suffer bondage over liberation.

From a very relationship point of view, lets try to understand what this means. There was a very interesting research of psychology on couples and relationship. They found out that in almost every relationship there is one person who settles for the other and who will always try to keep the relationship on. Let us be clear, in ALMOST every relationship. What happens most of the time is, that we get close and attached to someone to satisfy our own needs. This is not just on the conscious level but on the subconscious level too. We all have needs as human beings, as social beings we have physical needs, emotional needs, intellectual needs, psychological needs and so on and so forth. Also as per our mind set and the way we are bought up we have some or the other type of definition of perfect. It might not be perfect in reality but for an individual it can be. And so MOST of the relationships are just transactions of some or the other kind, depending upon how satisfying this transaction is. You would have different amount of intensity of attachment.

The more attached to get, the more entangled you get. Life is now a constant transaction of give and take, restlessness, what was satisfaction will over time turn into imprisonment. We think everyone reading this post understand what we are trying to say.

But than what about love, what about true, liberating, blissful love. Can we actually be with someone completely involved without being attached, without having any transaction, without being restless all the time. There sure is, a relationship can be a conscious embrace rather than entanglement, a healthy relationship like that can be your stepping stone towards true bliss and freedom. When two people come together without any need, not with a hole which the other can fill up. When two people who are complete within themselves, not wanting from the other, a conscious embrace happens. This could take a long period of time for people in relationship to achieve or it may take less than a second. Thats not the point, the point is that, a conscious embrace can only happen when the individual is complete within himself/herself. It can happen when they don't want to take pleasure of each other but to give empathy and compassion towards one another. This can happen, it does happen, but only for someone who is complete within themselves.

Join us in our journey, learn how to be fulfilled within yourself, learn the possibility of embracing someone in your life.