Holiday today

Traditionally in india people celebrate in different ways depending on their faith and the region where they belong But in all regions, they lit ????fire and worship and most part , it’s celebrated with colors , dance ???? and sweet As our foundation does not believe in following blindly the old traditions or religion but always out there not to miss any opportunities to celebrate the life as and when it comes, So, At our foundation I like to celebrate ???? as follows.. Morning start with Meditation ?????? Followed by tasty breakfast White dress Each one gets painted by the other people with organic removable colors in nice artistic way as if you are a makeup man/ woman for them... Each person will have minimum five people to color on them , after first painter , all following painters will have a challenge to make it better further and less room to paint ...but it’s fun .... Everyone will be painted by others and paint others in turn ,preferably by opposite sex to have tender ,careful and loving touch to the act... Now everyone is ready to sing ,dance to the music ????, cracking jokes .... Time for sumptuous lunch Clicking photos for colorful memories Some rest.... Cleanup... Together around lit ????.... Meditate for sometime... Express your feelings of the day and thank that eternal Spiritual energy , residing in all ... End of celebration and depart from all beloved with big hugs and thanks .