Choice Of Life

If you have a choice, find quite ,cleaner, and wide open space to meditate, but remember very well that Meditation is the most important and not surroundings, don’t delay to meditate with pity excuses of mind , The same way it’s better to have your spine straight and cross legs to meditate but if it’s not possible, it’s not an excuse to postpone meditation. Real meditators meditate in crowded and noisy place and in any possible posture than recommended , so little important is outer stuff... Close your eyes gently, no need to force complete closure if it’s little open Take few deep breaths slowly and start looking, simply looking at whatever is seen without any effort to look for something, just simple observation....thoughts will come and go ... Don’t get attached or carried away on thought which is not that easy to do with so called important thought but no thought is important than observation that you are practicing...still thoughts will keep coming but don’t bother about it , just keep looking without trying to stop it as if kids playing in front of you and you simply observing them without condemning or appreciating or stopping them , As you keep observing, gradually thoughts which are like kids will get tired on its own and slow down , provided you are not involved with them and with that slowing of thoughts, you will get glimpses of that blissful pure energy but please don’t expect it , if you don’t get it , just continue as much as you can, there are chances that you may dose off while observing but nothing to worry or condemning,just wake up and continue and if you can’t continue, surrender and go to sleep which will have a different quality to it. Remember that you are unique and gradually you will invent a unique way of meditating by your self only , yes in the beginning you will need guidance from an experienced meditator but eventually you will be on your own. Until you realize the importance and necessity of meditation and unable to live without it for long , you should get the guidance from the trusted person. In every nooks and corners, you will find right person to guide you and if you are really eager enough to know your true self ,the guide will appear before you. Thanks ???????? and ???? Harshad