Week end , Holidays

Ah ! ,it’s here , kind of rejuvenating feeling for most of the people, who don’t have much freedom to work the way they want to work as they are working for someone ,mainly because of lack of confidence and courage to take on the challenge to make a way to earn the financial freedom on their own. There’s nothing wrong to learn to earn for decent leaving under someone, up to a certain point, but not the whole life which kills that most important ingredient of life which finds mystery of the Unknowns, and that unknown reveals so many exciting moments for us to learn and grow towards the better life each day. Whatever your situation is ,it’s never late or nothing to worry about, at least you have your weekend of freedom, hopefully! So let’s make it enjoyable and productive with some creativity and innovation . Now If you haven’t enjoyed your work during the week, you definitely need some extra rest than the week days so that you become more of you than a robot ???? After that needed rest ,make sure you don’t get into the same groove to become another type of robot which works on weekends. Start with some deep breaths, ponder over the life,about where it’s heading and where you want it to head . I know for most of the people,even weekends are also planned because they are so accustomed to planning that they have totally forgotten their best time of the life when they were children ???? ,when everyday was unplanned or at least weekends, except some festivals but that to a little bit of how to enjoy it the most. The key is to unlock something that you always had in mind to do when you will have time and some resources and that time is definitely on holidays if not on everyday. Yes consciously you will have make that sincere effort to break the molds. It’s helpful to start with some likeminded people or reliable guide . Start with something simple like a better idea ???? for the fun which also ends in moving towards the better and higher life ,in all fields of life , like financial,physical,spiritual ,innovation or entertainment. Thanks and???? Harshad