Difference between Punya, Paap and Karma.?

What is the difference between Punya, Paap and Karma.? Punya is a debit card - pay first and enjoy later. Paap is a credit card - enjoy first and pay later.! Karma is a kitchen, where an order cannot be placed - We are served, what we have cooked..! ???????????? [7:18 PM, 3/5/2018] +1 (732) 429-2118: A friend sent me above message and my reply as below.. [7:19 PM, 3/5/2018] +1 (732) 429-2118: Very true But if you live in the present moment all the time with that almighty in your heart ?, you don’t need debit/ credit cards and karma stops [7:32 PM, 3/5/2018] +1 (732) 429-2118: So be in the present moment 24x7x365 , bit difficult in the beginning but it’s very possible and all enlightened leave that beautiful, soothing life with smiles throughout their journey of this wonderful life . Nothing bothers them from the past and they never worry about future,as they know that this present is the moment which has joy and happiness of the whole universe hidden in there , so it’s useless to try to find it outside of this present moment. Thanks and lots of love ????