We use the word timeless for something which does not get old or deteriorate, so very precious and ever green kind of .... Have we ever tried consciously to understand and minimize the effects of time on us ? We are talking about psychological time and not time by the clock which is necessary for general mass transition and day to day conversations etc.. Is it possible to be aware of the time while sleeping? No , right ?,other wise , you are not sleeping at all , and after that sleep without time on your mind, makes us feel so fresh and rejuvenated, correct? So let’s experiment to live without time by clock as well as psychological time ... whenever you can manage to have minimum 24 hours, preferably longer than that, if you can.. Make sure your room has no time indication anywhere, phone, computers, tv , radio etc... Have enough food , water etc , to last long as much time you plan to experiment, minimum of 24 hours. Stay alone just by yourself... Sleep as and when feel sleepy, until you can no more lie down, eat as and when feel like eating, exercise , dance , laugh, cry , take shower, as and when feel like, no need to meditate, unless it happens on its own. No talking to anyone including your self if possible, even for a while,other wise talking to self is okay. Make sure mind don’t try to know the time in any way. Many different things could happen to different people, as each one is different from the other. This experiment can give you a glimpse real meditation and with prolonged time for more than 72 hours , much better results. You can walk outside too , provided there is no indication of time anywhere, like jungle type setup. It’s difficult to do this on your own due to lot of constraints but not impossible if you are determined and well off with the resources, if not you can try with our setup and place which will be ready in about six months. But very important experiment to make the radical change in life. This experiment can make a very necessary dent In conditioned mind which has become the slave of the time which gradually decades life to the ashes of past and burdensome. Most important warning ? about this experiment is that , please don’t continue it , as soon as you feel, unbearable to go even a minute longer . Remember this is for your betterment and not for suffering and never bother about anyone for what they will think about you,so preferably not to mention anyone, except you can trust someone who understands you well. It’s best to do this experiment in the beginning under an experienced and trustworthy supervisor. Thanks and love ???? Harshad