Feelings of creativity and happiness

Last week while visiting one of my properties which is undergoing major renovations and complete transformation from Roller skating rink to an Indian shopping center in USA., I realized that Whenever there is major transformation, there are few hurdles, some anxiety to finish faster, some risk of unexpected changes that occur etc... but in spite of all these , there lies the great feelings of creativity and happiness, as you see the progress of the project which is the spiritual expression within you that is showcasing outside of you. Also some interesting things I came to know which I never knew before while talking to my anchor tenant that back in India his father has a business of growing Shrimps and how it is done by creating few water fillings like ponds and dropping seeds of shrimps in the water with all the precautions taken skillfully ,it gives great results and great business but quite risky too which is the true for any kind of business still I have always loved it , because of the freedom you have to do what you want to do and when you want to do and you have all the rewards of your creativity, courage and hard work that you do, at the same time all the losses are also yours only which is the most important school for you, if you don’t quit and run for shelter to earn money by working under someone. Another interesting thing I heard from him that on his marriage he would like to come to the venue on an Elephant and not on Horse which is common in Indian tradition, even though it will cost him $22,000/ for elephant versus $800/ for the horse only for one hour. Isn’t it great? AYoung and enterprising boy like him keeps American economy moving and healthy, God bless America, What a great country! Enough for today, Make money, spend money, don’t hesitate to take risk until we meet again ???? Harshad