Cherry blossom at branch Brook Park in New Jersey on Saturday, April 14, 2018 I went with my family to the park to enjoy and see the beauty of Cherry blossoms that came up, and what we saw was the wonderful creation of mother nature!! This happens only once in a year and stays about a month. While looking at those blossoms a thought crossed my mind and started talking to myself that what a deep thought by someone who planted these flowers to bloom into trees and spread all over around 50 acres. And these trees are being raised by a big water canal which has a fountain that beautifies the park more. This park witnesses thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy the nature with their friends and families. It’s a beautiful creation by the people who thought about it and planted maybe 50 years or more and that’s what is the creative expression of the inner spirituality one can do that and it could last for centuries to come .... Just like Jesus Christ, Lord Madhura, Krishna or Mohammed; all these great spiritual masters have also planted their spiritual wisdom among the humankind 3000 to 5000 years back and still most of the world is following them trying to understand and may be decode what they have said of course different people interpret in a different way but the essence of all those things is always the same, just like an eternal truth which has been there before anything was born or after anything that dies …. - It was really an inspirational visit to the park and being there in harmony with those all beautiful flowers and trees and the lot of people cheering , enjoying ,taking photographs ,selfies. It was in a real sense a holy atmosphere, nothing less than temple may be much more serene and soothing than many temples might have it. I always say that for me these natural places are the real temples, where you don’t go to ask something from God but you feel God’s presence instantly and all desires just meltdown on its own by being there , and what a relief when your mind stops running after the fulfillment of your desires one after another endlessly . So I recommend everyone to visit and spend as much time as you can at natural places like above, than there is no need to go to temples which can never be as vastly as natural places. I will love to hear or read your experience of some places like this. Love you all Harshad