Love is simply subtle!!!

Last week I saw a Bollywood movie October; very touching and inspirational tale about unconditional love of an ordinary youth living a mediocre life with an important role of flowers that gloom in the month of October. Director and writer brings out the purest form of energy which I always mention as the spiritual energy from an ordinary person required to meet the challenge of an accidental sufferings ,proving that no difficulty is bigger than life and love for someone where there’s never any expectations whatsoever from the other person you love . That caring and giving is of such an immense satisfaction that you don’t need anything else from anyone anymore. Movies like this is an expression of spirituality by a team of creative people working together to help the humanity. The lead actor Varun dhawan has the best performance by far in his carrier and as rightly said that he had to unlearn the acting on the director’s reality approach to the narration of the story.

In our day to day life we learn something everyday but it’s also very important to unlearn something everyday, this makes room to enter deeper into our conscious and get rejuvenated to enjoy the life like a child who has not learned a lot yet.

All spiritual masters are childlike who knows the art of unlearning and that’s why they are so joyful that it spreads world around them as well and that’s how a spiritual institution is formed where many people come to taste that nectar and smell that fragrance of serene lifestyle. This is what is called "a balance of learning and unlearning in ruthenium .