Life, Peace, Joy and love.

This is an attempt to write something every day about Life, Peace, Joy and love. It’s raining and dark outside with snow and ice all over piled up from before, in the atmosphere like this I used get some what unhappy and try to decide the way out of it for good which never materialized in real world and give up helplessly, but lately by staying in touch with inner self this type of situation has stopped bothering me completely and i am totally at peace with myself as well as my surrounding people ,and in this peaceful state came this writing idea, also on several occasions in last few days I am fulfilled and happy keeping in touch with inner self. I always knew that all the problems dissolve when you are aware within but was using that only when it was too much to handle and anxiety, because of drifting into old habits of thinking to find some short of permanent solution to the problem using outer impermanence means to cure, instead of being with inner self, but now I am aware more and more time wise and feeling so satisfying to everything around me. its truly the great treasure which is lying within me and in every being on this earth. its 1st day so it took almost an hour to write this much, hopefully will be improved as I move on. Love harshad