Choice less awareness is the key

Yesterday during evening meal got a business phone call and because it was unexpected I lost connection with inner for few minutes and did suffer through anxiety for those few minutes but it got corrected in about an hour.

it is so easy to fall back in to an old habit of getting absorbed in outer activities without keeping connection with inner and then you start suffering for no major reason for it., but with full awareness and understanding it is also equally easy to gain back that peaceful state of mind.

Some of you might think how is it so simple? I can give you an example that some time you see a fight or an arguments between two people and you are just watching them without any prejudice for any of them, you become witness to the entire process of argument without getting on any side or being absorbed in that process and you will find how absurd and unnecessary that fight was and the effect of that fight on both fighters, who are drained of all energy and become miserable after that, while you, a witness is fully composed, at peace and full of energy. That exact same thing happens if you can be a witness to your pro and con thoughts while they are arguing. And you would burst with laugh knowing the stupidity of the whole thing.

So, choice less awareness is the key , now please do not ask how to achieve that because that is the conditioning of mind, which tries to learn the trick, so that it can master it and use every time. And that is where we miss out the basics of moving above the thoughts because to learn a trick is also a thought who tries to accomplish something in future while all the beauty, energy, peace lies in the present and only in present.

love to all