What is the party?

All the parties have two main live ingredients 1-host 2-guest, most of the time guests are many more in nos. than host-in rare unfortunate situation it is other way around.

Most of the parties have tasty and now a day’s very decorative food to eat-nice ambiance at venue-and very loud but good music which fills your heart to dance where expert in dancing enjoy more while non expert satisfy themselves while watching those dancing experts., and of course everyone comes in good attire with smile on their faces.

now the party which I mentioned above usually lasts anywhere from three hours to three days in some longer event like marriage, but it does end with some good and not so good memories and for sure lot of exhaustion on both the guests as well as hosts-more on host which invariably brings some sickness with it. It means the drain follows the gain for sure - even though no one wants drain but only gain which is not possible.

now the party which our title suggests is sort of ongoing long...long party which will have almost everything that I mentioned in regular parties but all the gain will be very casual and relaxed with very few bed memories followed by same casual and relaxed drain which is not unwanted but anticipated, planned and gladly excepted and that is the beauty of it and then and only than it can last as long as you want it to last like 24/7/365 days.

Most of the sensible people would prefer casual and relaxed party with likeminded close friends and families as compared to larger than life party with so many strangers and lot of artificiality in everything which is very short lived.

Let us start exploring that idea of 24/7/365 days party and implement it to see how it works starting tomorrow...

Until than ...have party