Space Creates Lasting Relationship

In  the  beginning  of   any  new  relationship very  little  or  no  space  is  left  between the  two-due  to  overwhelming feelings and  if  someone  tries  to  cage  and  protect that relationship  it  starts  becoming  stale due  to the  lack  of  the  space  needed  to  nurture it  and  gradually  it may  also  die  due  to  suffocation  while  waiting  to  breath  fresh  air  through  the space.  So it is very tied together physically without any space between them. crucial to have a space inner/outer between any relationship for it to grow strong enough to last forever. outer space is very obvious and easily understandable that it is not possible for any two or more lives to be.

But many times people do not understand the importance of the inner space needed by each individual for their growth and freedom to flow with the life with or without the attachments and if that lack of space is ignored for the prolonged time might result in the very end of it -which was  hold so tight to keep it going... so if  the importance of the space is understood t hourly and honored by each-other will result in real lasting  relationship.. let there be enough space for all to fly high and yet remain strongly related to each other forever.