Just Life Is The Life

we all live life but not 'the' life which means life full of energy-vitality-oozing with love-beauty and peace, and one of the main reason is we are not living life to its fullest because we think that we have full control of our life and we can mold  it as per our whims and desire and get the results we want from it which is never possible as our own life is not independent of other lives which are all connected by a common universal thread and intertwined with each other -so cutting off our self in order to achieve a happier life  from other lives is the mistake we make due to lack of the knowledge of this universal bond that we are part of  and that  ignorance of existentialism leads to a miserable life where we are groping in the dark to achieve better life and missing out on 'just' life which is already there always but due to wrong education by school/society we get lost in the jungle of desires and personal achievements.

So if we can 'just' flow with the stream of life instead of  swimming and fighting the stream of life to reach somewhere while creating misery for us and no matter what the journey ends at cemetery only-now  it is our choice to do the life journey while dancing and  graciously  excepting 'just' what life offers us or fighting and striving to achieve more and more ceaselessly which takes up much more life than it gives.