Hum your favorite song from the heart and dull lives around will be charged with love 

Hum your song with your heart full of love and inspire all to a melodious life

Hum your song full of heart to be supported by the chorus in awe and love

Hum your talk from the heart to win all other hearts with love

Hum all day long with love and fine tune with god

Hum with the heart for a body to dance which will find true companions full of love

Humming and dancing is celebrating the life with love to which all the lives are eagerly waiting to join

Humming with love is the certified happiness which does not need any endorsement

Humming and dancing by the heart full of love are very factious which results in the procession of the lovely people.

Humming soul full of love has no time for complains or regrets so it is always in love(timeless) zone living blissfully.       

Humming with love is endorsed by all the religions in the form of the prayers or bhajan-kirtan 

So let us sing -love- hum and dance to celebrate what existence has offered us.

love to all