Never mind -never mind  to be bright and rise above all color, creed, and cast
Never mind, never mind to be wise and not to choose between black and white
Never mind- never mind to be sane and do not be insane to be wrong or right
Never mind-never mind to be joyous always weather ups or down
Never mind-never mind being healthy without any stress of yours or mine
Never mind-never mind being rich always having the money or not
Never mind-never mind dancing weather u know how to or not
Never mind -never mind laughing as the whole universe is joking
Never mind-never mind singing the song of life good or bed
Never mind-never mind being a lover of everyone who hates u or loves u
I  feel good today-it being the first ever try to write a sort of song which projects the same explanation like in previous discourses where it is plain text without the rhyme.