It is well said that the time is a killer because over a period everything dies within the perimeter of time and with the death of that thing
time also dies as it loses the very ground on which it existed. here we are talking about the psychological time and not the time by the clock which is needed for everyday life.

That psychological time keeps dying itself as it is just a wave of the original timeless state which the enlightened ones have experienced themselves-so they keep pointing towards it in different ways as per their personality.

The tricky part of the timeless state is that the moment its importance is agreed -one starts thinking about achieving the same or to understand it which is not possible because the very process of thinking is based on thoughts arising from the past or the future imagination
which is accumulated over a period of time which is a dead thing against that life never-ending universal energy which can only be felt and very hard to explain in the way mind can understand.

And  because of  this problem, an old tradition of  guru came in existence as it was very difficult to explain this timeless state of the mind which guruji has experienced and live with it every day- that attracted many curious fellows who were eager to live the same
peaceful serene life and decided to be the followers without any logic of mind but relying on their heart for that powerful attraction of the timeless state.

In today's so-called modern time it is very difficult for most of the people to act without mind's logic and heart's feeling so that very tradition of  guru-disciple is an obsolete  and new trend of standalone has emerged which too is fine as long as it unfolds to the same timeless state of mind where mind itself does not exist.

This is that irony of unable to explain- again. An experience of love is the glimpse of that 'timeless state'