Meditation is simply, organically and natural phenomena built-in every creature to observe without any motivation, even for enlightenment or God or any noble work. 
It helps if you let your eyelids to let down, not forcibly but naturally, as with open eyes, good chances that you will see something and mind will start working, positively or negatively, both of which are very essential for life but when you meditate, the most important thing is to observe the movements inside your mind, which is the movements of thoughts..
The biggest MYTH ABOUT MEDITATION IS TO TRY TO STOP OR LET GO OF THE THOUGHTS, while the TRUTH is, training of the mind to stop, train or do whatever with it, is also a done by the mind only and the very purpose of meditation is distracted and deluded. 
So please understand what true meditation is from the realized person at least in the beginning or try your own self with trial and error methods until you feel that uninterrupted pure energy flowing within you which is so blissful and it’s definitely not of mind, no matter how smart it is , in reality, that mind, more trained and sharper is the biggest hurdle in meditation. 

But be careful, try not to stop, avoid or kill it, because the mind is so powerful and tricky that it will come back more vigorously, off course in a different form, so that you get carried away with it, without knowing that, it’s same mind coming back in different forms. 

It’s as dark and light can never exist together, mind(thoughts) and meditation can never exist together. 

So remember this myth about training and directing mind etc..
yes for material achievements, training of the mind is helpful but all outer achievements can never last longer or can give everlasting satisfaction.