H-Center(Edison NJ) - Fall 2018

Outline of Daily Activities:

  • Out of 24hours,7-8hours will be allocated for sleep.

  • One hour will be kept for a daily morning routine(showering, brushing teeth, etc).

  • Remaining 15 hours will be divided into time spent engaging in 5 activities for 3 hours each.

  • 7 am finishing up morning routine.

  • 7-8: 30 am: spiritual activities:

  • For the first 15minutes, remind yourself that you must love yourself throughout the day, in any situation. Unless you love yourself unconditionally first, you cannot love anything or anyone else in life, and life is ugly without love. Envision the entire day's events and imagine situations in which you may become angry, jealous, bored, or feel any other negative emotion. At these moments, you have stopped loving yourself.Nothing in the world should prevent you from loving yourself in any situation as that is the most precious love any human has.It is private and personal, and no one else can intrude on it.Remember the importance of this love and try to be kinder to yourself, especially in these uncomfortable situations.

  • For the next 15minutes, make sure that you do not forget to love your physical body by indulging in activities that are not good for it.These include eating the wrong food, having improper posture while working, not moving enough, and so on.

  • For the final 15minutes, love yourself spiritually being aware that everyone around you has the same spirit as you, with a different face and form. This feeling is a blessing.

  • This wraps up 45 minutes for mind, body and spiritual self-love.

  • For the next 45 minutes, close your eyes and observe whatever you see, without any conscious efforts.if you doze off do not feel guilty.simply look at whatever is seen when you close your eyes, without acceptance or denial.

  • This wraps up the first one and a half hours of the day to start.This may seem difficult at first. However, just as with any exercise, it will eventually become blissful, as anyone who has been practicing for years will vouch for.Physical exercise has many benefits, but it often does not feel pleasurable as you strain your body.In contrast, the exercise above should not feel stressful, but relaxing and rejuvenating as you are not straining yourself.As you get used to this practice, it will not take the entire 45 minutes to prepare for meditation. For the remaining time, you may read a spiritual book and reflect on it before observing inside with closed eyes.

  • There will be another spiritual practice for one and a half hour 8:30pm-10pm, before we go to sleep

  • The remaining 12 hours, which we will divide into four other activities:


Have a healthy breakfast, a part of physical activity.


Work for financial needs, a part of the financial activity.


Lunch and rest, a part of physical activity.


Creatively complement financial work with innovation


Complement financial work with fun, so as to make the financial work celebratory rather than tiresome.


Exercise or walk, a part of physical activity.


Dinner, a part of physical activity.


Sing,dance,play,laugh,etc.,as a part of celebration activity.


Spiritual activities.

  • For 15 minutes, replay your day's activities and identify the instances where you stopped loving yourself.Do not scold yourself as this will build a block.The knowledge itself is enough to ensure that you will be careful next time.likewise, do not be too excited if you did not or only minimally stopped loving yourself at any moment, as that too builds a block.

  • For 15 minutes, make sure that you are fully comfortable for the rest of night.For the next 15 minutes, look around your bedroom and feel your spirit connected to all around you as one.

  • For 45 minutes, close your eyes, and look within while reclining.After some time, life down fully.Continue a look within until you drift into sleep.

  • As with the morning spiritual practice, you may not require the full 45 minutes once you have become accustomed to the practice. You may read a spiritual book and reflect for the remainder.

  • Above are the broad outlines of daily weekday and weekend activities. The 3 hours of financial activity during the week are complemented by creativity and celebration since financial activity for its own sake is not fulfilling

  • During these days, your financial activity serves you and your immediate family.During the weekend, creativity and celebration are complemented by financial activity, allowing you to return the favor and serve your neighbors, society, country, and universe

  • The Above timeline can be adjusted each individual, but try to allocate equal time to all activities.Make especially sure not to sacrifice spirituality and creativity, as these activities will make you a full human.To evaluate your progress, we have included five stars to rate your day at the bottom of the page.

  • Remember, this journal is your private property and so one is allowed to see it unless you want them to.You are your own master, and only you can give yourself grades, no one else.After all, who in the world would know you better than yourself?

  • Above sample pages will also have 5 stars at the bottom of the page and all the journal users will be rating their everyday life, like we ratings for movies etc.They can copy those pages and have a larger journal for themselves to use daily and write their comments on it.

  • To live and practice these daily activities for 1-4 weeks in a group setting at our institution, please send an email to info@h-foundation.org

  • Same activities will be conducted in all the new H-Centers.

  • Volunteer for above activities are welcomed and appreciated,For further information, please visit www.h-foundation.org

    If you have any questions,feel free to send an E-mail to :info@h-foundation.org